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At, our mission is to connect young humanities graduates with an ever growing need in the business world. Companies desperately desire employees who are competent communicators and capable critical thinkers. And what better way to learn these valuable skills than through a degree studying humanity? 

What's Special About the Liberal Arts?

We at love philosophy majors. 

And history majors.

Literature majors, too.

In fact, we love great books programs and really any major within the liberal arts and humanities. In deciding to study these subjects in college they have made the wise decision to focus their formal education on the greatest ideas that have ever been thought, the best stories that have ever been written, and the most important events that have shaped the world around us.  

In doing so they have honed their communication skills, gained the freedom to think and act based on reason and knowledge, and gone a long way toward understanding what it truly means to be fully human.


The Benefits of a Business Career

But as good as the decision is to major in these “less practical” areas of study, a common problem students encounter is figuring out what to do next…

What about their careers?

Not all liberal arts majors are called to be teachers, and there is not much of a market for professional philosophers! They know little of the business world.

Worse yet, a widespread misconception has spread throughout academia that a career in business inevitably leads to materialism and greed.

They forget that the world of business exists to serve the needs and wants of people, to help us both survive and thrive.

We believe that those best suited to help us in this endeavor are those who have studied the essence of human nature. 

Your Degree Makes a Difference

The business world needs more people who understand our true needs and wants. 

We need better creators of products and services who are able to evaluate and address the real needs of customers... 


better salespeople, marketers, and customer success people who can articulate value propositions and sincerely desire to help their clients...


better leaders who know how to think strategically and create a culture that balances the needs of shareholders, clients, and employees. 

In short, the business world needs more liberal arts and humanities majors! Bridges the Gap builds upon the great education these students have received, and gives them the knowledge and skills they need to get started in the business world. 

We do this first by offering a business bootcamp where a student – or recent graduate – reads and discusses 7 classic business books in a seminar setting, and learns 7 essential business skill sets – without the hassle of committing to a full time business course.


Students gain tremendous insight into the key areas of business – product, sales, customer success, marketing, and finance – and they will develop a foundation of core skills within each area.

We then connect them with leading companies from exciting industries that have excellent employee development programs and career opportunities.


They will often start out in a sales or customer success capacity to gain front-line experience with customers. Many will continue on the sales and customer success track before transitioning to management and leadership positions.


Others will use their great front-line experience to migrate over to a marketing or product role.


Still others will learn of new opportunities for entirely new businesses and pursue their own entrepreneurial path.

The students win. The companies win. The business world wins.

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