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After decades in the tech industry, and years admiring truly meaningful education, our founders hatched a plan. Why not help both recent college graduates and the companies in their constant search for top talent? Thus was born, a bootcamp specially designed to help humanities grads enter the business world. 

What the Business World Desperately Needs

There are countless career-launching roles that companies need to fill every year, and they can't fill them fast enough. 

What Humanities Grads Bring to the Table

Critical thinking, written and verbal communication, thorough analysis of text to name a few! 

The Gap

The idea of the business world gives a bad impression to many humanities grads. Many times they equate business with greed and don’t recognize the challenging and fulfilling opportunities available to them in business, much less the positive contributions they can make in the world through a business career. 

On the other hand, employers often don't know how to evaluate humanities grads, worry about the lack of a demonstrated interest in business, and see their nontechnical degree as a liability rather than an asset. as a Bridge

At, we're here to bridge this gap. Through our program, you'll learn the principles of business and be introduced to some of the more practical areas of the business world. On top of this foundation of knowledge and skills, we'll help you with job placement after the program. Because, after all, what's the use of learning the basics if you can't put them to use and cultivate further skills? 

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